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Professional Oral Hygiene Therapist / Dental Hygienist - Tauranga

Our highly experienced Oral Hygiene Therapist / dental hygienist, located in Tauranga, is a specially trained dental professional to help maintain a healthy mouth with your homecare.

Regrettably, with the pressures of life we are rarely “perfect” and depending on the individual’s needs, the frequency of oral hygiene treatment will be tailor made for your individual circumstances. 

What does the Oral Hygiene Therapist do?

The two main parts of the Oral Hygiene Therapist / hygienist treatment are:

1. Diagnosis and education. The Oral Hygiene Therapist / hygienist will examine your mouth carefully. She will determine how effective you have been to date. Usually people have areas that are less perfect which they often miss and she will point these out to you. As part of the diagnostic process and education, use of plaque disclosing solutions is extremely useful. This is a dye that stains the plaque a bright red colour. The normally transparent plaque now becomes highly visible and is a fantastic education tool to allow you to see how effective you have been. It enables the Oral Hygiene Therapist / hygienist to get a better insight into potential methods for homecare improvement. This plaque disclosing process will be repeated frequently as it is almost the only way to see how effective you have been.

2. Plaque and calculus removal. Plaque is the soft furry sludge that forms on the teeth. It is a combination of bacteria, salivary proteins and food debris. With the build-up of plaque, over time the plaque matures. Different bacteria populate the plaque and have different effects. The deeper the plaque penetrates under the gums, generally the worse the type of bacteria. Your homecare is all about removing plaque and keeping it at an absolute minimum. Mature plaque, which is removed within 12 hours is relatively undamaging but left longer than this, the situation gets worse. Given enough time, calculus can form which is where the soft plaque has calcified in to crusty deposits, commonly observed inside the lower front teeth. Calculus is particularly difficult to remove and maybe considered like long term apartment blocks for bacteria. As a consequence, calculus concentrates the waste products which irritate the gums and supporting bone. The Oral Hygiene Therapist / hygienist’s treatment is to remove the deposits from your teeth thoroughly. There is little point in removing only some of them and this is why on occasions, we need multiple sessions to achieve these results. 

There is little point in achieving this fantastic clean state and then leaving you to your own devices and we will want to monitor your progress and provide you encouragement when you start to flag!

Our dentists can provide general treatments, veneers, and teeth whitening.

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