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New patients

To understand your mouth and any problems you may have, you should start with a full examination at our Tauranga dental treatment surgery, for which we allow 45 minutes to one hour. Our dental consultation services will determine what treatments and care plan is best for your teeth and mouth.

To begin with, we want to hear any problems or concerns that you may have. We will ask you about your past history, both medical and dental as this will help us understand how you have got to your current condition.

This will lead to a careful examination of your mouth. We start with general areas like jaws and chewing muscles, your bite, moving through to specific details of your teeth. The gums are included and we are looking for everything, the good, the bad and unfortunately, the ugly! We generally take x-rays to obtain more information. Other “special tests” can be used if deemed to be of value. 

Once all this information is analysed, we will make our diagnosis. This is a summary of your current situation. We will explain this diagnosis in as much detail as you wish, so that you can understand what we observe. From there it’s a case of deciding the most appropriate treatment which we will put into a written “ideal” treatment plan. Our aim is to return you to a healthy state, hopefully the good and of course, no longer the ugly!

Patient recalls or check-ups

Because our initial examination is so thorough, we will already have a lot of data about your mouth and with repeated recall examinations, we will be building on that knowledge. Regular recalls mean that new problems or further damage is found at an early stage. Specific areas can be targeted or watched for further consideration and because many issues are ongoing, preventative maintenance is the watch word. When appropriate, special tests including x-rays may be used to validate our clinical examination findings.

Dental Consultations

Sometimes you only have a specific problem or problems that you want investigated. These can vary from a simple chip, fractured filling or something causing pain and greater concern. As this is your major problem at the moment, we will focus our attention specifically on this problem and offer a treatment solution to get you out of your distress. Our dental consultation is not a general check-up but one that is specifically dealing with a specific problem. A check-up or overall review can be done later or when it is appropriate.

Treatment planning

We are all individuals. As a result, your dental treatment plan is individually tailored to your needs and wishes. As we understand you better, we may recommend treatments which have worked well for similar cases. Asking questions and enquiring about alternatives is a good policy which we encourage. We will start at what the “ideal” treatment will be so that you are fully informed of what is possible. In the real world and with people’s different priorities, alternative or indeed, compromises may have to be made and it’s important that everyone knows this before we start! 

If in doubt, ask and we will do our best to answer and explain your queries.

Dental X-rays

We use digital x-rays which now are the industry standard for low dose radiation. These are virtually instant and can be read straight away so that we can provide you with information they contain quickly and without undue delay. A dental x-ray will help give us a clearer picture of your teeth’s current condition and its progress. It will also determine if there are other problems or if additional treatment is needed.

A dental x-ray will help give us a clearer picture of your teeth’s current condition and its progress. It will also determine if there are other problems or if additional treatment is needed.

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