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Teeth Bleaching Treatments in Tauranga

When a tooth’s pulp (nerve) dies, a combination of the sepsis and the breaking down of blood inside the tooth tends to stain the inside of the tooth similar to a bruise in your skin. The stain seeps into the dentine which is inside your tooth, often giving you a grey/brownish colour. The longer it is present, the worse it tends to get.

Although you will have had a root canal treatment, any residual blood in any nooks and crannies, or delays in carrying out the treatment will make the tooth vulnerable to discolouring.

Internal bleaching is a bleaching system that is placed inside the tooth and down the root to bleach out the stain. It is a very simple technique and completely painless. The bleach is placed in the tooth and the tooth resealed with the bleach working over the next week to ten days. Often, refreshing the bleach, after that time is required until the desired colour is achieved.

Whilst we have had some fantastic results, the results can be variable depending on various pre-disposing factors. We almost always get an improvement but if the result is not quite there, other treatment options can supplement the treatment to get the desired result. Any improvement helps. It is a little like having to do something over a black painted wall as opposed to a cream painted wall!
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