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A Visit to a NEW Dentist - Graeme Lynam of Harley Dentistry
29 May 2018
A Visit to a NEW Dentist - Graeme Lynam of Harley Dentistry

A tear escaped as my last top tooth was deftly removed from my mouth; I’ve lost them all and I’m so sad! 

Ten days ago, I had my first appointment to remedy my rotten set of molars. It was a 9+ hr marathon that I feared would leave me a pained wreck for days. My NEW dentist had replaced 5 caps, done 2 root canals, replaced 2 large fillings and, at the end of this mammoth session. he also removed 2 modulars! I’m not a religious man but please Dear God have mercy on me. I was sure I’d be in bed for days nursing the imagined excruciating pain I must endure from such a marathon.

NOT SO! To my astonishment, I only needed two rounds of pain killers to get over this long day. Amazing!

My NEW Dentist, Graeme and his team of very professional assistants made what should have been one of my worst days an easily managed experience. I am totally surprised at the near painlessness of the result.

Now my bottom teeth are ready for their new caps and my top teeth are a thing of the past. 
Once the horrible deed was done, immediately Graeme deftly slid my sculptured new falsies into place. I was too numb to feel much but the mirror shows that they look as my own did, before they rotted away… fabulous!!!

Surely, this has to be soooo painful once the injections wear off, as my last 4 front teeth have been removed and a foreign plastic thing has been popped in my mouth, owwww.

At home and the anaesthetic is wearing off… I take a couple of pain killers and start to ‘feel’ what is in my mouth! I’m astounded… my ‘new’ teeth feel fabulous and I simply cannot believe what I feel. I expected a mouth stuffed full of plastic, but what is there is a perfectly fitting masterpiece of modern dentistry. After the rough, rotting remains I’ve had to bear for so long, this is an unexpected pleasurable experience!

I still have my new caps to be installed and really look forward to seeing the results of ‘MY NEW DENTIST’, he truly is an artisan!

PS. I’m old and because of my fear of the ‘dental nurses’ of my youth where “the murder house” was a 6 monthly practice session for them, with slow painful machines which jammed the drill in young teeth, I have an inbuilt loathing and fear of dentists, so to have such a huge amount of work done in such a short period was totally intimidating for me.

My NEW Dentist Graeme and his team have completed what I anticipated would be the worst experience I could imagine with little fuss, a ‘bedside manner’ of humour and confidence, unmatched professionalism, and a result I’m obviously thrilled with, with little uncomfortableness.

I thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for such a professional, painless job.

Kind regards,

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