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Knocked out teeth
19 April 2017
Knocked out teeth - it happens either playing sport, falling, or by a silly head to the mouth accident.

Firstly, ensure the injured person is not showing signs of head injury, unconsciousness, nausea or any other warning signs of a serious injury. Once this is ruled out, see a dentist as quickly as possible as the sooner the tooth is replanted, the greater the chance or retaining it for life. Here's some steps to follow:

  Find the tooth and hold it by the smooth white part that is usually visible in the mouth - the crown and not the root.
  Do not scrub or rinse the tooth in anything except water or milk.
  If the tooth is clean, hold it by the crown, and making sure it's the right way round, gently push it into the socket.
  It it's dirty, rinse it in milk for not more than a second or two in cold water, and gently push it back into its socket.
  Hold the tooth in place by biting on a piece of cloth and go to a dentist immediately.
  If you are not comfortable putting the tooth back in; Do not let the tooth become dry and don't place it in disinfectant. Either place it in a
  cup of milk or keep it in the mouth between the cheeks and gums.
  Go to the dentist!

Please note, this advice is only for knocked out permanent teeth.  If a baby tooth is knocked out, do not try to put it back in its socket - but seek immediate advice and treatment from a dentist.
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