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Major Dental Rebuilds - Reconstructions

Dentists use the term “reconstruction” for major dental treatment. It is extremely variable and the many specialties within dentistry are used to achieve the total results. It is not one specific speciality but a combination and does require significant experience on the part of the practitioner whose role is like a conductor of an orchestra, working within all the disciplines to get a result.

Our principle dentist, Dr Graeme Lynam has had significant experience in Harley Street in London and managed many such cases over his 15 years there. Whilst he is not a specialist in any specific area he has an excellent grasp on all areas to enable him to draw his experience together for an overall plan. As always, an accurate and often in these situations, an extensive diagnosis and carefully prepared treatment plan is imperative. Such treatment needs to be carefully considered to examine the clinical (dental) problems and treatment, the financial importance but most significant of all, is the significance of such treatment to the individual person. We go a very long way to explain in detail all the above issues as you need to be very clear in your understanding before starting anything!
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