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In general, we don’t make replacement dentures. It is usually more cost effective to go to a “Clinical technician” direct and we have several excellent local practitioners who we can recommend to you.

Immediate dentures – extraction and fitting immediately.

We do carry out this critical transition from having teeth to wearing a denture or partial denture. A careful pre-operative examination is vitally important to decide which can be saved. (Often people don’t realise how good a repair we can do and which teeth should go!) This is so we can ensure the minimum degree of fuss and discomfort. It is a very traumatic time emotionally for a person and we are well aware of this and do our very best to help you through this difficult time.

Poor denture stability

Mini implants are an excellent way of stopping your denture from floating around and being unstable. Put simply, a mini implant acts like the male part of a dome and the female part is built into the denture thereby allowing the denture to “clip” into place. Because it is rigidly fixed, the denture can not move side to side or up and down, hence gives excellent stability. These implants are small and are used in multiples so as to spread the grip throughout your mouth. Careful assessment is required to assess the suitability of your particular problems. Poor quality bone and smoking for example are negative factors which will compromise the result but can still be used under certain circumstances, with a realistic and reasonable expectation.

Such treatment needs to be carefully looked at to examine the clinical (dental) problems and treatment, the financial significance but most important of all, is the significance of such treatment to the individual person. We go a very long way to explain in detail all the above issues as you need to be very clear in your understanding before starting anything.
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